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With decades of experience in every common type of water treatment system, Metroid’s engineers can help make your project seamless and stress-free. Having completed over 800 water treatment projects, we have extensive experience in designing, building, programming, commissioning and troubleshooting water treatment projects of all sizes, including AS61439 Compliance.
  • UF
  • RO
  • DAF
  • MBR
  • SBR
  • UV Disinfection
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Media Filtration
  • Oil / Water Separation
  • PH Correction
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Inlet Screens

Some of the leading companies
we've helped oems & contractors provide water treatment systems for:


Typical Projects


Sino iron – Desalination Plant


Cape Preston, Western Australia


Main motor control centre for a packaged desalination plant


Type-tested Form 3b enclosure, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC and panel PC running CitectSCADA, Designed and built to Sino Iron specifications.


Design, construction, PLC and SCADA programming, onsite and remote commissioning and integration

Sino Iron Control Panel

Harvey Water


Albemarle, WA


Motor Control Centre for a Water Treatment Plant


Form 2bi, 7 pumps on VSDs, 10+ pumps on Soft Starters / DOL, 20+ dosing pumps, 300+ IOs on Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, 10" Panel View Plus HMI, Managed Ethernet Switch, FOBOT


Design, construction, PLC/HMI programming and remote commissioning

Harvey Water

Kutubu Mine


Kutubu, Papua New Guinea


Switchboard for a potable water treatment plant


Form 4a, Fault level of 50kA for 3 seconds, Type tested design, Arc Flash containment, Arc flash study conducted. 3 x pumps on VSDs, 2 x pumps on DOL, 2 x UF skids, 10 x dosing pumps


Design, construction, and testing

Kutubu Mine

BMA Blackwater


Stewarton, QLD


Switchboard for a sewage treatment plant


6 x pumps on VSDs 5 x pump on DOL 6 x dosing pumps Earth leakage monitoring and injection test points Allen Bradley GuardLogic Controller 10" Panelview HMI


Design, construction, programming, testing, and commissioning


Southbrook Nurseries


Southbrook, QLD


Water treatment control panel for Vegetable seedlings and Greenlife nursery.


4 x pumps on VSD 6 x dosing pumps Siemens S7-1200 PLC with 100+ IO’s and 10” HMI 4G Remote access modem


Design, construction, programming, and in-house testing

Southbrook HVAC

HMAS Cerberus


Crib Point, Victoria


Control Board for a Water Treatment Plant at a Naval Base


9 x pumps with Altivar VSDs 8 x pumps on DOL starters 15" HMI Display Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with 400+ I/O


Design, Construction, PLC/HMI programming, commissioning

Hmas Cerberus



“Thank you once again for the delivery of the panel on time and in full working order. We have the panel mounted and wired up and we were able to complete our in house factory acceptance test today in preparation for a visit by RioTinto tomorrow. In fact, this was one of our best FATs in a while, with everything functioning exactly as it should.

I can assure you that the word amongst our engineers is “we have complete confidence in Metroid, and know that when they deliver a panel it will work first time, every time”.

It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project and you were able to rise to the challenge of a tight delivery schedule and technical complexity…and in the end you made it look easy.”

- Ivan, Project Manager

“Love the excellent quality products and the fast response to quote requests.”

- Luke, Sales Engineer

“Metroid provide an excellent service for all of our electrical engineering needs. Our industry demands innovation which Metroid are always providing on each new project.

The entire team make a project easy from the initial tender through to the design and commissioning process. We look forward to many more successful projects in the future!”

- Steve, Project Manager

“Leadtimes are very competitive.”

- Jason, Project Manager

“Just a quick note of thanks to the Metroid team for your fast and accurate technical help with the controls for this ultrafiltration package.

Emails were responded to within the hour and client queries addressed very professionally. This assistance and level of support for critical plant such as controls for this Ultrafiltration package is much valued and gives us the needed confidence for future repeat business.

Rod is an excellent commissioning engineer and his “hands-on” expertise on site was much appreciated – we will definitely use Metroid again!”

- Drew, Project Manager

“Please pass on our thanks to Martin and your estimating team for your timely technical quotations received recently.

The short turn-around time has really helped us get our packaged treatment plant proposal into client well before deadline. Waiting for supplier quotes is one of our biggest delays in getting quotes to clients on time and Metroid’s speedy service is much appreciated – whilst fast we noticed you covered all the detail very thoroughly as well – good job keep it up!”

- Matt, Project Manager

“It is awesome to have Rod assisting with our projects. He is an excellent operator.”

- Brendan, Engineer

“We always get fast response, and good communication on all stages of a project. Everyone is very knowledgeable.”

- Harry, General Manager

“Always think through the drawings, with great design of electrical circuit and quick response.”

- Andy, Process Engineer

“Thank you again for your time and attention in this matter, as with all your help at Parkinson it’s greatly appreciated.

We’ve had nothing but good service from Metroid and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

- Cobey, Contracts Manager

“Metroid’s people have definitely left a good impression on this first job with professionalism and pleasant natured people to deal with.

Please pass this feedback onto the others and let them know the effort to dispatch prior to the Christmas break is much appreciated. We look forward to working with you on future projects and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.”

- Chris, Project Engineer

“Quick turnaround on switchboard pricing, drawing design/changes and fabrication of panels.”

- Michael, Project Manager

“Congratulations to the team at Metroid. We really appreciate you working towards achieving a tight delivery time frame, whilst still being able to respond to the complex specifications.

Looking forward to receiving the panel next week, and having your professional staff commission it with us.”

- Simon, Contracts Manager

“Congratulations to your engineers on this project: most jobs from other suppliers have not had this detail up front.”

- Mohammad, Process Engineer

“You guys are like greased lightning, thanks again for your fast response!”

- Luke, State Manager

“I know that I will always get the correct solution to my needs.

Everyone within the organisational is knowledgeable and offers the correct information, and do so with a great attitude.”

- Ian, Project Manager