Why Australian-made equipment beats imported

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As an OEM in Australia, it’s becoming more difficult to compete with companies who import cheap packages from Asia, Europe and North America. But Australian-made products and packages have some distinct advantages over their imported counterparts. You can point out these strengths to swing your customer in your favour.

Let’s take a look.

Faster lead time

Including time spent at the dock, the typical sea freight time from Europe to Australia can be 12 weeks or more. An Australian-made package often offers a much quicker turnaround from order to delivery. For projects where lead times are tight, Australian-made is often the only sensible choice.

Better quality management

With an Australian-made package, you’re in control of quality. From the selection of subcontractors to the ability to monitor progress and pick up issues well before shipping, superior quality management results in a superior product.

Adherence to Australian standards

Many imported packages do not comply with Australian Standards such as AS3000, particularly the electrical controls and wiring. Apart from the safety aspects, this can expose the importer to liability and court action if the non-compliances are exposed. It’s safer to choose equipment made in Australia.

Support Australian manufacturing

Manufacturing in Australia is tough, and getting tougher. By buying Australian-made, contractors are supporting the future of Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs. The Federal Government’s decision to build submarines in Adelaide is a clear example.