What should I look for in a reliable electrician?

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What should I look for in a reliable electrician?  Whilst Metroid doesn’t provide installation services, it’s a question many OEM’s are asking.  Let’s take a look at some of the key things you should be looking for.


Formal training for electricians largely revolves around domestic and light industrial installations.  Very few newly-qualified electricians have any experience or know-how around electrical controls and industrial processes.  Pick a tradesman that can demonstrate several years of experience in the area of electrical process control.

Financially stable

In these tough times, many electricians are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in business.  Some engage in deep price-cutting to win work.  However, while you can save money up front, you run the risk of your electrician being finally unable to complete the job.


Electricians tend to overestimate the amount of work they can handle, and are often very busy.  Particularly for an urgent project, ensure your sparky has enough spare capacity to execute your project without any lead time blow-outs.


A good sparky will take responsibility for the correct operation of your equipment.  He will proactively communicate with suppliers and ensure the system is fully functional before he signs off.

Up to date

The electrical industry is constantly changing, with new technologies and equipment becoming regularly available.  A good electrician will keep abreast of industry changes and seek to utilise the latest technology in everything they do.