What is RPEQ review & sign-off?

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What does RPEQ stand for?

RPEQ stands for Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland. It’s an engineering certification which recognises the competence and qualifications of a skilled engineer. In most cases, professional engineering services for projects in Queensland are required to be carried out or supervised by RPEQ-certified engineers. There are a number of different engineering disciplines covered by the RPEQ system, including Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical.

What is RPEQ review & sign off?

For Queensland projects involving professional engineering and advanced calculations, even if the engineering services are carried out outside the state by non-RPEQ engineers, a final review and ‘sign off’ is required by a RPEQ certified engineer. In recent months regulations surrounding RPEQ sign-offs are being interpreted and enforced more stringently: in some cases the engineering services must be directly supervised or conducted by an RPEQ engineer, rather than reviewed and signed off afterwards.

What about other states?

RPEQ review & approval is specific to Queensland; however other states and projects may require other engineering certifications for sign off. Some states are currently developing policy to require CPEng (Charter of Professional Engineers) or RPEng (Registered Professional Engineer) certified engineers to conduct or supervise engineering on projects in each state.