Selecting reliable suppliers in the poultry industry

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Poultry production and processing is a fast growing industry down under, with developments proceeding in nearly every state of Australia. There’s also a growing number of suppliers servicing this vital industry.  Of course, it’s important to carefully select reliable suppliers, particularly for a large project. But what should you look for in reliable suppliers?

Let’s take a look.

Poultry industry experience

There’s no substitute for experience. Particularly in a specialised industry like poultry, it’s critical that your supplier has ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to supplying your project with equipment or services. Selecting a supplier that is unfamiliar with the industry requirements and methods can result in project delays, cost blowouts and high stress levels.

Financially secure

As projects are growing in size and scale, the financial outlays required are also growing. It’s important to engage a supplier who is financially secure, with the cashflow needed to execute their scope of supply without running out of money or requiring onerous deposits or progress payments.

Long term relationships

One major hallmark of reliable suppliers is companies that are looking to build a long term partnership. They’re not looking to maximise their profit on your project; they’re seeking to foster and build a mutually beneficial relationship that will last far longer than any single project.

Not just the lowest price

No-one can deny that price is important. But it shouldn’t be the only, or even the most important factor in your considerations. Look for the value in what the supplier is offering you, not just the figure at the bottom of the page. A supplier that can communicate what value they are providing for your dollar is likely to be a much more successful partner.

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