ISO9001 Switchboard Manufacturing Plant

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Our 1600m² switchboard manufacturing plant in Central Vic allows us to construct your control systems precisely, efficiently and in the shortest possible lead time.

We boast a full suite of in-house capabilities including metal fabrication, brass and copper machining, electrical assembly and wiring and a wide range of electrical testing methods.

With ample space and our modularised production lines, we can quickly respond to increases in demand, meaning we can take on any size project with ease.

Industry-leading computerisation

Using a complex custom-built ERP system, we track every project through the execution process with minute detail.  Every control panel is broken down into up to 20 different stages, each displaying its own status. This means we know live the exact status of every project and can take action if anything is running behind.

Our 21st-century computerised panel wiring stations ensure an industry-leading level of wiring accuracy and efficiency.  Every task at every work cell is automatically logged against standard allowed times, to track progress and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

One of our core values is “Drive Continuous Improvement”, and it’s something we’re extremely passionate about.  We have systems in place to capture every possible opportunity for improvement, no matter how small.

With dedicated Continuous Improvement Teams, we continually prioritise and develop new projects to drive efficiency up and costs and lead times down.