Functional testing reduces commissioning time & cost

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Did you know it can cost 3-4 times as much to rectify a minor switchboard issue onsite than it does in the factory? There’s a few reasons for this:

  • Commissioning engineers are usually highly trained and qualified, and cost significantly more than factory staff
  • Commissioning engineers have limited tools and resources at their disposal. Even small wiring changes can incur delays if the correct cable needs to be ordered in.
  • In an onsite situation, an engineer may not be able to isolate the switchboard completely in order to work on it.

There’s a compelling argument to demand a switchboard that’s been thoroughly tested before it gets onsite.

A supplier that insists that extensive reprogramming, debugging and rewiring is a normal part of onsite commissioning is potentially costing your business thousands of dollars. In our experience, some customers are amazed that we can complete commissioning of a PLC control system in 1-2 days where other suppliers have needed over a week.

Furthermore, it makes a lot of sense for the same company that built the switchboard to do the PLC programming, to enable thorough functional testing in the workshop prior to sending to site. If the first time the program is uploaded to the switchboard is onsite, you can expect lengthy debugging and testing time onsite: the most expensive location for such activities. You shouldn’t be paying for testing time onsite: it should be completed back at the factory, as part of the board builder’s scope.

Insist on thorough functional testing before despatch: you can save yourself a lot of stress, time and money.