Chicken consumption increase driven by meat price disparity

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Increased consumption

According to ABARES report, chicken meat continues to be the most consumed meat in Australia. Consumption per person increased by 80 per cent (to 46 kilograms per person) between 1995–96 and 2015–16, driven by lower relative prices of chicken meat.

Meat price disparity

Retail prices for chicken meat fell by 3 per cent in 2015–16, while prices for beef, lamb, and pig meat rose by 11 per cent, 7 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively. Retail prices for competing meats are forecast to rise again in 2016–17, encouraging continued strong sales of chicken meat. In 2016–17 consumption of chicken meat is forecast to increase by 2 per cent to 47 kilograms per person.

Meat price disparity has grown markedly over the past 20 years. Averaged over the five years to 1995–96, chicken meat on a per kilogram basis at retail outlets cost 54 per cent less than beef, 20 per cent less than lamb and 32 per cent less than pork. Over the five years to 2015–16, the price of chicken meat averaged 67 per cent lower than beef, 59 per cent lower than lamb and 51 per cent lower than pork.