Acceptance Testing & Compliance Assurance

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We will always conduct a full functional test in our workshop to eliminate any bugs and ensure your system performs exactly to your functional description.

This allows straightforward installation by your preferred onsite electrician and ensures minimum commissioning time is required, saving you time and money.

Tests each panel typically undergo include:

  • Quality Control, to pick up any issues with component quality and workmanship
  • Specification Compliance (project-specific), to double and triple-check compliance  with client specifications
  • Pre-functional Test, to ensure assembly and wiring is complete and the board is ready to power on
  • Full functional Test, where we power the board on and carry out a thorough test of every function and I/O point

Certificates of compliance with AS3000 and any project-specific specifications are prepared by our electrical engineers.

In addition, customers are  welcome to witness or conduct their own factory acceptance testing in our facility if required.