2 Lean Tools that have transformed our manufacturing facilities

We’re massively passionate about Lean manufacturing principles and anything that increases efficiency and quality, and decreases waste, frustration and leadtime.

Here are two strategies we’d love to share that have significantly improved our workshop culture and productivity.

continuous improvement

1. War On Waste Sheets (WOW Sheets)

These sit at every workstation and each day our factory staff note improvement ideas, large and small.  In the past 12 months, they’ve come up with 2241 ideas! 

These are collected daily and our continuous improvement leaders (one from production and one from engineering) meet daily for 5-10 min meeting to discuss the ideas and issues reported for that day.

2. All factory staff spend 15 mins every morning implementing improvements

Using the tasks identified by the continuous improvement leaders from feedback on the WOW sheets, categorized lists of improvement tasks are displayed in the factory.

All factory staff then spend 15 mins every morning helping to implement these improvements. 

Larger or more complex tasks are handed by a CI leader, who may engage a team for specific projects.


These two strategies have helped to transform our factory culture and significantly increase productivity.

The principle?

  1. Staff at the coal face will identify 10x more improvement opportunities than their supervisors or senior management
  2. People want to use their brains, not just their hands 
  3. It builds a strong culture of ownership and teamwork 
  4. Productivity keeps going up!   

And it all starts with just a piece of paper.



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