Poultry shed fires & their causes

Hyline Australia 

April 2009.  Shed fire in breeding house at Hyline Australia, in Huntly, Victoria.  Killed 4500 chickens and caused an estimated $1 million damage.  Believed to have been started by welding sparks from maintenance works inside the shed.

poultry shed fires


Inghams Processing plant

January 2010.  Inghams processing plant in Somerville, Melbourne.   Started in cardboard storage room while Melbourne sweltered in 40+ degrees C.

poultry shed fires


Monument Vineyard

September 2014.  Monument Vineyard, west of Orange.  No chickens died. $50,000 damage.  Believed to have started during the cleaning process.


Adare, QLD

July 2014. Adare, QLD.  Started by explosion from tractor.  No chickens were in the shed at the time.

poultry shed fires


Beaufort, SA

July 2014.  Shed fire at Wheat Rd, Beaufort.  Fire started after bale of hay spontaneously combusted while being fed into a shredder. Shed was empty at the time, so no chickens affected, but caused estimated $1 million damage.

poultry shed fires


Hamley Bridge Farm

November 2015.  Shed fire at Hamley Bridge Farm, SA, destroyed by Pinery Bushfire which burn out 82,600 hectares of land and sadly claimed lives.  Killed 51,000 chickens, as well as 500 pigs and 950 sheep.

poultry shed fires


Marburg Poultry Farm

April 2016.  Shed fire killed 30,000 chickens. Cause not specified.

poultry shed fires


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