5 reasons to separate poultry control board supply from installation

There’s a growing trend in the intensive farming industry, particularly on broiler farm developments, for the builder or developer to procure poultry control boards separately to the electrical installation. There’s some very good reasons for this – let’s take a look.


Electricians tend to be experts at electrical installation, but very few have any formal training or experience in switchboard building. Builders or developers can benefit from the expertise and engineering know-how of a dedicated poultry control board builder, ensuring both switchboards and installation are to the highest possible standard.

Manufacturing capacity

A dedicated switchboard builder generally has a sizeable factory with staff directly employed to wire up switchboards. Particularly for a large broiler farm project, poultry control boards can be delivered at a much faster schedule compared to an electrician who is only working part time on switchboard building in a smaller facility.

CAD drawings

A good poultry control board builder will provide a full set of electrical CAD drawings for the boards in the project. These enable the electrician to effortlessly install without any wiring hassles or guesswork. Once the project is complete, you have the drawings in hand and can engage any electrician to assist with modifications or troubleshooting in the future.

Up to date

Any good switchboard builder will keep up-to-date with changing technologies and equipment in the electrical industry. By utilising a switchboard builder to build your boards, you’re ensuring an up-to-date end result that complies with all current Australian standards and requirements.

Easier payment terms

An often overlooked advantage to using a larger switchboard building company is the financial benefits. A good switchboard builder won’t require any deposit, and will offer 30 days payment terms subject to account approval. Financial hassles can be minimised by dealing with an established and financially stable switchboard builder.



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